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alifespentchasingghosts sent:

((Three invasive asks? Okay, what type of underwear do you prefer? What are your sleeping arrangements? Have you ever shoplifted?))

[[Since it is Mun Monday, I’ll answer as Mun and Muse.]]

1 -  Mun: Briefs, no question. I have no idea how people wear boxers.
Muse: I prefer not to but when I have to, briefs I suppose. Not much need or desire to wear them under the MJOLNIR bodysuits after all… 

2 - Mun: Well, I share the bed with my partner, but I’ve always got to be on the left side. I’m an on-the-stomach-left-arm-under-pillow sleeper, and I’m the most comfortable when I can stick my feet out for temperature regulation. Don’t judge me.
Muse: Any sleeping arrangement where Fii is curled up against me or I’m curled up against him. 

3 - Mun: Hrm, this will probably shock people but… Yes, multiple times both performing or assisting in said act. I haven’t done it in several years and don’t particularly intend to again, but I feel zero remorse for said acts. It wasn’t from small shops or small chains, but big-box retailers and large corporate stores whose shrink budgets can more than handle it. 
Muse: Never. I have no need to, and the unshakeable fear that if I did, I’d turn around and find Mendez looming over me.