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So… I have a new mic to test out for the hell of it, and who wants to hear my dulcet tones reading short stuff that you suggest?

[[Yes I still live, and yes I am trying to get back around here. But I figured this might be interesting for the hell of it today.]]

At last…


It’s taken forever to finally get this happening again… 
A bit mature but damn I’m happy to finally draw again…
Way far from done but… 

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There needs to be a live action version of this starring Neil Patrick Harris and Robert Downey Jr.

I’m on board with this plan

[[John vs Sam, re: Kelly?]]

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"Valentine’s Day…

"Never understood it. Its one of those holidays that’s eluded me. But all the same, I try every time - for him and now for her.

"So here’s hoping yours is happy - everyone’s should be, right?

"Take care, all you soldiers who are lucky enough to be with your lovers, and all who aren’t. You’ve got something to fight for, so never let it go.

"Now, Adri, I think I need another round."


Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

[[Trying to decide how to best go about this whole reboot thing. Damn it, words are hard.]]

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                                                 Good luck, Spartan.

Master Chief and ODST’s. Requested by: geekynerd117

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